Team Members
2022 to 2023


In 2018 the outgoing Board voted to become a Team Management organization. Team management involves teamwork, communication,  goal setting and management of chorus business. 

Meet our new Team. Installation took place in person for the first time in 3 years — we are all born to shine & dazzle! We are all so proud to be a member of this great organization during these challenging times. Installed were:

Team Leader - Judy Burgess
Financial Coordinator - Emma Turton
Communications Coordinator - Elise Palmer
Marketing & PR Coordinator - Jackie Olsen
Social Coordinator - Elise Palmer/Jackie Olsen
Educational Program Coordinator - Paula Hartman
Membership Coordinator - Emma Turton
Performance Coordinator - Jori Reijonen
Competition Coordinator - Val Burton
Quartet Promotions - Paula Hoffman
Activities Coordinator - Carla DeLaRosa
Support - Karen McCormick, Julie Zehnder
Music Director - Lynne Peirce



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