Team Members
2021 to 2022


In 2018 the outgoing Board voted to become a Team Management organization. Team management involves teamwork, communication,  goal setting and management of chorus business. Shown above is May 28 Installation via Zoom with Chorus Members. 


Heartfelt thanks to Sara Clevenger, Surefire lead and musical leader of Greater Harmony Chorus, for installing our new team via zoom tonight. Her gracious and hopeful message inspired all of us — we are all born to shine & dazzle! We are all so proud to be a member of this great organization during these challenging times. Installed were:

Team Leader - Karen Bumper McCormick
Communications/Marketing & Coordinator - Jackie Olsen
Social Coordinator - TBD
Educational Program Coordinator - Judy Burgess
Membership Coordinator - Dawn Wendzel
Performance Coordinator - Julie Zehnder
Financial Coordinator - Emma Turton
Competition Coordinator - Val Burton
Activities Coordinator - Carla DeLaRosa
Support - Elise Palmer
Music Director - Lynne Peirce



Oct 25 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
We are celebrating 62 years of Harmony in 2021.  We encourages guests to attend a rehearsal who... more