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Swing Sisters Quartet

Swing Sisters formed in the summer of 2016 as participants of the Voices in Harmony Chorus (Ypsilanti, MI) Summer Quartet Program.  Their love of 1930’s and 1940’s swing, big band and jazz music… and their delightful blend of voices and personalities… inspired them to formally register their quartet and continue performing the music they are passionate about.   All members of the Voices in Harmony Chorus, they enjoy supporting the chorus in performances and promoting quartet singing within the membership. 

Lead Gail Ash joined Sweet Adelines in 1998, but has been singing since childhood.  Gail was exposed to four part harmony when very young, when her barbershop quartet singer dad taught songs and tags on Saturday mornings to his built-in family quartet… Gail and her three siblings!   Gail has done a variety of other singing and performing, from community theatre to opera, and even doing some TV, radio commercials, and training videos.  But as Gail says, “There is nothing like ringing a barbershop chord!”  Gail lives with husband Larry in a beautiful historic home in Tecumseh.

Bass Lynne Peirce directs the award-winning Battle Creek Chorus and was the director of the Voices in Harmony Chorus from 2005 to 2017.  Lynne’s quartet experience includes the 1991 and 1993 Region 2 championship quartet Accolade, a current fifteen year membership in the comedy quartet Novelty Shop, and sings bass in the 2015 First Place and 2017 Second Place medalist quartet Surefire.  Lynne is retired from the University of Michigan Health System and lives in Ann Arbor with husband Tom.

Baritone Sara Acton grew up in Canada and sang harmony with her mom to hymns in church. That early training grew into singing alto in church choir, and musical theater through high school. When Sara immigrated to the United States, her husband suggested she try barbershop as a way to make friends and build community.  He was so right!  Sara has been singing with Voices in Harmony since 2014 and has been truly enjoying learning how to sing in this challenging, fun, and unique musical style!  Sara has an M.A. in Linguistics from Memorial University in Newfoundland and is working on her M.A. in Speech-Language Pathology from Eastern Michigan University.

Tenor Mary Su joined Sweet Adeines in 2000 and is a certified Associate Director with the Voices in Harmony Chorus.  Mary has loved the sound of close harmony her entire life.  She was surrounded by the sounds of the Big Bands while growing up, later singing in an acapella chorus that performed exclusively music from the Forties.  Mary lives with her husband Bill and family in Dexter, MI, home schooling her teenaged daughter and trying to keep up with an energetic and delightful troop of Girl Scouts.


Contact: Lynne Peirce, [email protected] or 734-668-8040


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