Battle Creek and Border Lakes Region 2.
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Novelty Shop Quartet

Four part comedy in the barbershop style!

Novelty Shop was a dream come true for four former Sweet Adeline Regional quartet champs looking for the true meaning of life… set to music.  From the very first rehearsal in December 2001 the quartet realized they were destined to share countless laughs and bowls of popcorn.  Little did they know they would still be sharing their very unique quartet experience fifteen years later!

First there was the zany Sally Burns, tenor of Regional quartet champs New Review, who had always wanted to sing with Susan Gleason, the hilarious loose cannon lead singer of the Region 2 1991 and 1993 quartet champions Accolade. Then along came Cindy Gazetti, the classy closet-comedian and lead of quartet champions Harmonix who had ALSO always wanted to sing with Susan and was willing to switch to baritone to do it. Last, there was bass Lynne Peirce, who was quartetless at the time. Lynne had sung with Susan in Accolade for nine years so she was invited to jump into the experiment.  Well… this decision was a no-brainer, but Lynne agreed to sing with Sue again anyway.

While not designed to be a "contest quartet", Novelty Shop delighted the audience (and the judges!) in their debut performance at the Buckeye Invitational Comedy Quartet Contest in Columbus, Ohio in August 2003. They shared the biggest laugh of the evening, however, when they learned they had forsaken a first time championship for a second place finish due to a slight technicality… a 180 point TIME penalty. These ladies just LOVE being on the stage!

This foursome has found a match of free spirits who enjoy each other and love creating stand-up comedy performed in four-part harmony – so much so they continue to compete annually in the open division in Border Lakes Region 2.  We can’t guarantee who they will be… nuns, hospital patients, Lucys, lawyers, doctors, fitness geeks, ballerinas or Girl Scouts just for starters, but we do guarantee you will be thoroughly entertained.  

And we dare you to figure out who to watch!


Contact: Lynne Peirce, [email protected]  or 734-668-8040



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